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20 March 2010 @ 12:31 pm
Op. 00 No. 2 ❦ of course this is the world.  

❝pipe down you whippersnappers!❞
☀はいはい、あゆでーす☆ HETALIA + HISTORY + MUSIC + LANGUAGES = MY LIFE. hobbies are: being weird, not having a life, dancing through the library, and scaring myself. i don't even know what i'm doing most of the time. the world is amazing & i love classes probably a little more than is normal. the world is amazing and i marvel at it every single day. history is like my religion, hetalia is like my bible.

i spend most of my time studying because apparently i enjoy torturing myself with my two majors. when i'm not studying?: projecting, drawing, writing, photoshop, studying, translating, reading, guitar/piano (i'm no good at either), pokémon. music = all the time.
❝it's time to marukaite the chikyuu.❞
THUMBS UP:HETALIA ☆ まるかいて地球 IS THE HYMN OF WORLD PEACE ☆ hetalia is the world ☆ admiring old buildings ☆ admiring old paintings ☆ ADMIRING OLD THINGS ☆ books, books, and more books ☆ historical items ☆ taking up residence in libraries ☆ listening to music every waking moment. ALL KINDS. ☆ languages ☆ corelli, mozart, beethoven, bach & boccherini = GODS ☆ Alice Nine, ART-SCHOOL, PIERROT = ALSO GODS ☆ VOCALOIDPOKÉMON ☆ FASCINATING things, of course ☆ the epicness that is life ☆ the world ❤

THUMBS DOWN: ✘ individuals who think a classroom is their private tutoring session ✘ headphones getting pulled out of my ears ✘ people hating for no reason ✘ PEOPLE WITHOUT MINDS ✘ writing 12pg term papers in 3 days ✘ 19 credits at once, this is impossible ✘ THE REQUIREMENT OF SLEEP ✘ the bus system ✘ the UN and its massive fail ✘ BROKEN IPODS ✘ having to run to school because i'm late ✘ the cold war on a monday morning ✘ people who have to make speeches everyday ✘
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished